Imagine If You Will

Imagine, if you will, a world in which it is common place to feed ourselves, and even our children, addictive, life-destroying drugs in low doses, flavored so as to appeal to the palate and keep them coming back for more. Let’s just say that we use the common dismissal, “it’s just this once” or “it’s not very often” over and over to the point, until which point when we look back at the end of our days we see it was, in fact, the norm. Imagine if the building blocks we put into our bodies are actually dead, devoid of benefit, and even worse, actually harmful. Let’s say the damage is not immediately apparent, so we continue in these habits for about 50 or 60 years until we realize the damage we’ve done now requires so much nutritional catching up, and so much detoxing, that it may actually be too late to reclaim the health we once had. What if more people die from this long-term, slow death, than any other means?

Certainly you’ve guessed by now that I’m talking about our world, and our addiction to sugars and processed foods, and the fact that more people are dying, in the United States, at least, from their diets than anything else. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, poor cholesterol levels, weakened immunity in the holiday sugar season (aka the flu season), and more, are all diet-related diseases. Studies are even beginning to point to diet as the most instrumental factors in Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis, among other diseases we wouldn’t necessarily relate to what we eat.

Now imagine trying to break the cycles. Imagine insisting your family only eat what will bless and build up our bodies for the good. Yet everywhere you go, where the food preparation is outside of your control, your kids are being handed highly processed foods, candies, pastries, foods fried in fatty oils, hot dogs on white bread, hamburgers (read Campbell’s The China Study for information on the damage done to our bodies from the consumption of animal products), and more. Imagine seeing the “house of God” giving your kids candy, chips and ice cream as incentive toward heightened church attendance or Bible study. I won’t even start on birthday parties, when I still can’t get out of buying my own children cakes laden with highly toxic levels of sugar, white wheat flour and food coloring, because their little hearts would break. I wish I had never started them on this crap diet we eat in this country. They’re already used to the life I led them into, even as I have changed my eating to only whole plant foods, with very few exceptions (mostly in the form of the occasional muffin at Souplantation or some pasta on the side of our dinner).

I wish this country would wake up and start eating right. I wish I had given my kids a better foundation. I wish my body had a better foundation, although I thank God that along with all the garbage I ate as a child, I did eat loads of whole plant foods.

Thank you for reading my rant. I feel helpless and hopeless and discouraged. It’s hard to have a strong conviction like this one and actually see it come to fruition. I control dinner 6 nights a week, but I’m not the only one who provides food for my family, and it’s impossible to keep only good stuff in here. I feel like I’m losing this battle. Is anyone out there having better success at turning the tides of the “American Diet” in their own families?