The Illusion of Following Christ

Before I begin my upcoming series, I want to share a related conversation by Dallas Willard in Renovation of the Heart. In a chapter called Spiritual Change, he asserts that knowing the right things about God isn’t the same as believing them. Believing something involves acting as though it is true. If we act as though the teachings of Jesus are true, we will intend to follow them, for among them is the call to do so. We don’t truly trust our mechanic unless we order the parts he insists we need and let him install them, nor our doctor if we fail to follow his or her advice.

Willard writes, “The idea that you can trust Christ and not intend to obey him is an illusion generated by the prevalence of an unbelieving ‘Christian culture'” which undermines efforts to actually live a real Christian life.

The upcoming series involves an exploration of what it actually means to follow Jesus. I find it fascinating that I would read this page in this book on this day, as I prepare to explore in writing what it is Jesus actually wants us to do in this life “Much Like the Life Jesus Led.”


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